“Every Kind of Blues”


True Music
By Carlos Roberto

Angelo M.  Steelworker turned award-winning songwriter, virtuoso finger-style & slide guitarist.

Angelo M.
Steelworker turned award-winning songwriter, virtuoso finger-style & slide guitarist.

“Angelo M’s ‘From Steel to Strings’ is Americana Folk and Blues at its finest and its grooviest. With brilliant guitar-playing skills that remind me of Eric Clapton, Angelo M’s music is indelible and his soulful vocals will delight your ears. Angelo is a true poet, delivering meaningful lyrics that explore love, love lost, and a never-too-late-to-start-over attitude to loving again.” ~ Carlos Sanchez / True Music

There’s a renewed love for Americana Folk and Blues in the music world today because of new talented musicians embracing the sound and taking it to new places. Angelo M. is among this gifted group, but his road to delivering to the world his inspiring music has been filled with hardship.

A decade ago Angelo M. was known as Angelo Melasecca and music came second to a career in the steel industry. When the company he worked for declared bankruptcy, Angelo unexpectedly lost his job and all his pension benefits. It was a life-changing event, which led to Angelo hanging up his hard hat and picking up his guitar. “It was a very hard time,” Angelo says. However, this fall into the abyss caused him to dig deep and discover a soulful manner to express what he was feeling. He began writing songs that resonated with the public because of the authenticity, truth, and pain in his music. Overnight, a star was born — a multitalented musician with amazing vocals and also multi-instrumentalist skills who plays six- and twelve-string guitar, mandolin, bass, harp, harmonica, and piano. His music has been honored with many standing ovations while on tour around the USA and was featured on the PBS television series, RoadTrip Nation.

“From Steel to Strings” is the newest album by Angelo M. – a 16-song Folk and Blues experience that I first experienced in my car, with the windows down and the hot summer wind blowing by as I drove through the American Riviera. The memorable music emanating from my speakers was the perfect companion on this road trip from L.A. to Santa Barbara and continues to thrill me upon every listen. This exciting new record is filled with the grooviest of blues and it’s no wonder that it has enjoyed an overwhelming acceptance from audiences across the nation.

LISTEN for yourself and once you discover there’s “Every Kind of Blues,” come see Angelo M. live this Friday, Sept. 13, at 7 p.m. at Fiddler’s Crossing in Tehachapi, Calif., or on Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 8 p.m. at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, Calif.

STAY IN TOUCH with the latest news at AngeloM.com, buy the album on Angelo M’s website or via CdBaby or Amazon in hardcopy or download, or download from iTunes (just search for “From Steel to Strings” by Angelo M.) Or buy the album in person at one of the shows and get it signed!

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