A Pet Remembered Little Mister, 19, beloved cat, North Hollywood resident

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On Sunday, July 16 the lights of North Hollywood shone less bright as Little Mister, the longtime companion of Tolucan Times’ Copy Editor Sal Rodriguez, went to Rainbow Bridge…….

Little Mister was born in Sun Valley and raised alongside his brother, Fluff Daddy, who predeceased him in August 2015. Although Little Mister battled kidney, thyroid and heart disease, it was likely cancer that led to his euthanization at a local veterinary office. He passed-away peacefully in Rodriguez’s arms and was buried alongside Fluff Daddy.

Little Mister’s pastimes included sunbathing, blocking the computer screen as he groomed himself and opening the cupboard demanding treats. He also appeared in several YouTube videos and had enjoyed recent travels to Lake Tahoe, Big Sur and Sedona, Arizona.

“Little Mister was very special, incredibly sweet and good-natured. He was purring until the very end. He is with his brother now,” said Rodriguez.

In lieu of flowers rescue a cat…or two.


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