George Niles

George “Captain Harry” Niles

George “Captain Harry” Niles

After a long battle with a heart condition and other health complications, George (Captain Harry) Niles cast anchor for the Sea of Stars on July 5th.

As a young boy, George had a strong interest in working with electronics, and at age 16, started his own local TV and radio repair business. Early on he received his Ham Radio License. George’s interest in electronics culminated in his studies of Electrical Engineering. Later, he owned an engineering company designing and building aircraft runway lighting systems.

George enjoyed flying airplanes, had a pilot’s license, and for many years had his own small plane (Old Blue) that he’d fly to locations around California.

George also loved the ocean.  One of his favorite hobbies was scuba diving and for a short time, he lived on a houseboat.

In his 50s, George moved back to his childhood town of Palmdale, CA where he worked at a local TV station. In Palmdale, he enjoyed spending time with his brother Mike.

In his 60s, George moved to North Hollywood, closer to his immediate family, Steven, Laura, and Gail. He had many close friends in North Hollywood, including Johnny Andrews, Christopher Mauldin, Bill Clark, Johnny and Terry O’Shaunessy, Victoria Wittelsbach, Elle Wittelsbach, Paul and Billie Sona Freiis, and their sons Charlie and Luke. George shared his humorous, outgoing, and enthusiastic personality with all of them. He was also an animal lover and cared for several pets over the years, such as his cat, Orange Cat.

George was an avid reader, finishing a book or two a week.  He also loved watching movies and television.

While in North Hollywood, George became more interested in health and was a strong proponent of Alkaline (Kangen) Water. He saw to it that family and friends (and anyone who would listen) knew about the water’s health benefits, and would often bring water care-packages to his family and friends.

George leaves a widow, Gail, and two children, Steven and Laura.

We’ll miss you.

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