Kerry Fretty-Stickney May 8, 1955 – November 18, 2009



I’ll Miss You
I admired Kerry very much, both personally and professionally. Our times sharing our thoughts and always laughing together. I never knew anyone who had as many friends or who deserved them. I’ll miss you, Kerry.

Your friend always,
Sarah Rustam

We Will Miss You The Tolucan Times

Close Friend of 20+ Years
Kerry left a permanent mark on so many lives. Her energy, warmth, joy of life and love were felt by everyone with whom she came in contact with; by everyone who was blessed to have been her friend. She taught us many important life lessons. She taught us to remain optimistic and positive despite adversities. She taught us about the power of love and left our hearts filled with her love. And just as the sign on her kitchen wall read, she taught us that “Life is short, eat dessert first!” She is sorely missed!

Toronto, Canada

Things about Kerry
Kerry had a personality that could fill a room. She was kind, generous and friends with EVERYONE… She didn’t discriminate between rich or poor, popular or unpopular, attractive or unattractive. Kerry loved to laugh. She truly brought joy and sunshine everywhere she went… Kerry will remain in our hearts forever.

The Toluca Lake Garden Club


Kerry Was a Unique Precious Gem…
My first friend in Los Angeles upon arriving in 1981, she remained dear as a sister to me. Our connection, at first through media, deepened over the years and miles as I learned life’s lessons through her incredible ability to share and inspire her gifts with others. A generous lover of life, family, people, animals, nature, music, words, hospitality, travel, food and fun, Kerry’s essence endures through all those she impacted. I will love and miss her smile always. Deepest condolences to Larry and the family.
I came to the funeral from San Francisco and it was important to be there for Larry and the Fretty Family. I know how much she loved Toluca Lake and writing for your publication.

Carol Greenstein Epstein

Kerry Was An Absolute Joy To Be Around…
She and her husband Larry were the best hosts. My wife and I had dinner with them at their home six weeks before Kerry’s death and we were made to feel not like guests but more like family. I will carry Kerry’s spirit with me in my heart forever.

Kevin Donnelly

From Mr. & Mrs. Joe Fretty of Oregon

Kerry Sue
Brown eyes flashing
A noisy girl
Quiet now
Happy words gone
But listen
Is that thunder?


We Will Miss Her Forever
Kerry was a warm, caring woman who we had the honor of training in physical fitness. During our sessions, she would always keep the conversation upbeat and positive, always wondering how she could help advance our latest projects. Kerry was fun and generous and we will miss her forever.

Eric the Trainer and Alysia Kanemoto

I’ll Miss You, Kerry
I met Kerry over two years ago and we quickly became friends, often chatting for hours on the phone. She was easy to talk to and fun to be with. Even when she was very ill, she always was interested in how I was doing. That self-forgetting amazed me!
I was also struck by her courage and strength in facing her physical challenges as well as how well-groomed and glamorous she looked no matter what!

Milda Dacys Carver

I’ll Miss You Kerry…
When Larry came and told everyone at our meeting that Kerry had unexpectedly passed away, you could only hear gasps of sorrow as he spoke for the next 3 minutes. Kerry was a friend that lit up the whole room. She smiled at everyone. I would sit and watch her because she always made me feel better just by looking at her. You could feel her warmth and love. Even through her health battles she was not a complainer. She continued to smile always.

Laurie Anderson

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