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My name is Cristina M. Molina and I was a Certified Trade Broker as well as the Reciprocal Broker back when ITEX was known as BXI. (For those who do not know, BXI was one of the oldest and largest business-to-business barter companies in the U.S. and was acquired by another industry leader, ITEX.)

I think most people in the Barter industry knew or have heard of Martin Nobler. I just found out that he passed away this morning [Tuesday, April 26] and am very saddened.

Martin was rough around the edges. He was often blunt and said things that most people would consider extremely offensive — but that was who he was. Now, in retrospect, you have to appreciate someone who didn’t hold back, someone who always let you know where you stood. That was who he was.

I worked with him in some capacity for almost 10 years. He gave me a break when he hired me as a Trade Broker. When I was pregnant and had my daughter, he was incredibly (and unbelievably) supportive. I had no child care at the time and he would let me take her into the office with me every day. I set up a play pen next to my desk and he would often walk by and play and interact with her. I couldn’t believe that this tough-talking guy was so taken by my little baby. For a guy who always said he didn’t like kids, he really loved my daughter and for that, I will always be grateful.

He also supported my career advancement by facilitating my trip to a National Convention where I obtained my designation as a CTB (Certified Trade Broker). When time came for me to move on to a higher position at the Corporate Office, he was also very supportive.

All along the way, he taught me many things — things that I still carry with me today. When Martin was on his A-game, no one could stop him. He was brilliant and I am privileged to have had him as a mentor. From Martin I learned the art of “schmoozing” and really developed my customer service skills. I am now a manager at a retirement plan administration company and I use my customer service skills on a daily basis. I’m one of the best “schmoozers” I know and I owe that to Martin. Like I said, when he was on point, you couldn’t stop him.

I don’t want people to remember Martin for being a rough around the edges guy, a rude guy, an obnoxious guy… I want people to remember Martin for being a tough business man with a gentle heart. Unfortunately, not many people got to see that gentle heart, but I am glad that I did.

Thanks boss, for everything you taught me. Wherever you are (and some will ponder that in great detail), know that you will never be forgotten.


Cristina M. Molina

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