William F. Spang, 12/8/1916—4/8/2012


Bill Spang died peacefully in his sleep Easter Sunday of old age. He was 95 years old. A Toluca Lake resident for almost 70 years, Bill was the owner of Peerless Cleaners, retiring at 90. He continued working, collecting and reselling antiques at swap meets. You may have seen Bill combing Burbank alleys with a shopping cart and straw hat collecting “treasures” for resale until his eyesight failed him a few months ago. Amazingly strong and agile for his age, Bill started roller skating in his 50s, became a surfer in his 70s, and skied Mammoth in his 80s. He loved playing poker with his son, Ron, and the boys from the Studios. He also loved the horse races at Santa Anita. He outlived his wife, Mary, who died three years ago. He is survived by his son, Ron Spang, film editor and daughter, Cynthia Douglas, and his sister, Betty, in Chicago where Bill was born. Bill left behind many nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. Mr. Spang was a very kind and considerate man; he had no enemies — everybody loved him. He was an exceptional human being. He will be missed by all. Farewell, Wild Bill!


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