Blue Lives Matter: In the Line of Duty

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With all the hullaballoo about “police brutality,” former three-time Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley (who lived in Toluca Lake with his wife Jana for 35 years) and co-writer Robert Schirn have come along with a compelling book telling the true stories of nine police (eight humans and one dog) who were murdered in the line of duty.

Told in Law & Order TV-style by first outlining the facts and then telling of the criminal legal actions taken against the killers and tried in a court of law, this bares the truth about the danger our police face day in and day out.

This book lays bare the violence faced by the police every day.

Each of the eight chapters deals with one murder of a police officer, beginning, as did the TV show, with each of the victims starting out on what is for them a normal day before each turns deadly violent, costing each victim his life.

Told in no nonsense, but fascinating manner, this book is a real grabber. In fact, when I received it I was in the middle of reading a library book that I had to read under a deadline to return, so I put Cooley’s book aside to finish my library book. One evening shortly thereafter I picked up Cooley’s book to see what it was like. It was so interesting and “real” that I didn’t put it down to go back to my other book until I finished it.

It’s a quick read and it brings home the dangers these police face every minute of every day. Some of these murders begin with a simple traffic stop. One of the cases profiled is a “cold case” that took 45 years to solve. But they never gave up and finally got the murderers.

This is a factual book written by a tough prosecutor that lays bare the violence faced by the police every day. And it’s a monument to prosecutors who are dedicated to bringing the guilty to justice, especially when the victim is a police officer killed in the line of duty.

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