One-on-One with Alexis Peters


Alexis Peters is a gorgeous blonde actress/writer, born in Chicago “several years ago.”
I met her at Joni’s Coffee Roaster in Marina del Rey.

The Tolucan Times columnist and actress Alexis Peters.

Tony: Since you were in Valentine’s Day, have you had any contact with Ashton Kutcher?

Alexis: No. My scene was with Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner. That’s who I worked with.

T: What were they like to work with?

A: They were really great, kind of cool. I’ve done other films, but this was definitely the biggest one I’ve been part of in my life. I remember walking into the makeup trailer and there’s Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel and I say, “Oh, hi!” It was kind of a cool moment because I had been watching their films my entire life. They were very nice — very friendly. There was a lot of laughing. Gary Marshall [the director]is wonderful to work with. He’s so easy-going; it was a wonderful experience on set.

T: How did you get the part?

A: I heard of the reading at the Falcon Theatre, which is Garry Marshall’s theatre. I played Jason Ritter’s girlfriend in the staged reading for this film. There was a big audience, and Gary was part of the reading and then he stepped off the stage, and he watched it. I had been working on this webisode and I had been trying to get it in front of people. So I approached Gary backstage and told him about it and that I would like to get his opinion on it. He said, “Okay, call my assistant and set up a meeting.” It was pretty amazing; I did not expect that at all.

T: So you approached him cold?

A: Yes.

T: He didn’t know who you were?

A: No. And then after he saw my work, saw my read with Jason Ritter, he was very complimentary about it. So I went in and showed him my webisode series and he was very complementary about that, too. He gave me some really great pointers. A few weeks later his assistant called me for an audition.

T: What’s the status of the webisode now?

A: Now it’s actually a short film, called, “Naked.” It will be around 20 minutes.

T: What’s the point of a short film?

A: I’ve been out here for a few years. I’ve done movies, pilots and soap operas, but I’m still in the auditioning phase. A short film is a great way to get myself out there even more instead of waiting for auditions. It’s a part I really wanted to play.

T: Tell me how you decided to become an actress.

A: I was at my Grandma Peters in Chicago when I was about 10. She took me to an outdoor theater. We saw South Pacific. It was the first musical I had ever seen in my life. I remember having popcorn and having a big coke and watching in this beautiful theatre this blonde woman coming out onstage, singing about washing men out of her hair. And I thought, “That’s what I want to do.” I’ve never changed my mind.

T: So all the way through school you wanted to be an actress?

A: Yes. I write as well and I have a non profit. I do other things as well, but the main thing in my life is acting.

T: What’s the non profit?

A: I started a non profit called “Global Orphanages.” I have two orphanages and a school in northern India.

T: You go to India?

A: Yes.

T: Where did you get the money to do that?

A: I have fund-raisers and became a 501c3 and got a grant for schools.

T: Why did you do that?

A: I had just finished this film, Hammer of the Gods, and I wasn’t busy and had the summer off, so I wanted to get as far away as possible and wanted to go to the opposite of the business and Los Angeles, and that was India. So I booked a plane ticket by myself and volunteered at an orphanage for one week and toured around for another week with a group. It changed my life. The country is amazing and really impoverished and I wanted to help. I didn’t know how to help. It took a few years.

T: How did you figure it out?

A: I kept going back. The second time I raised money and brought children who were in a leprosy colony and gave them all new teeth because their teeth were rotting out. Then I bought the whole colony toothbrushes and toothpaste. I put a girl in fashion school. Then we filmed it because I thought it would be a really cool documentary. I’m still working on that. But it’s finished. I’m still trying to get it in front of people.


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