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Reverend Pamela MacGregor, Spiritual Director of the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles for 10 years, wasn’t always a minister. When relocating from Palo Alto to Los Angeles, she worked in the medical field. But as she wisely notes, “Medical science and spiritual science are no longer strange bedfellows.  New perspectives now promote the body-mind-spirit interconnection and holistically utilize them in their respective healing work.”

In a trans-denominational atmosphere that inspires an intimate journey of self-discovery, Rev. Pam teaches the life-transforming spiritual technologies that elevate all aspects of life including relationships, livelihood, finances, health, and creative expression.

Services—including those in the Youth Center—are held each Sunday at 11am at The Colony Theatre in Burbank. Other services offered include licensed spiritual counselors who offer individual sessions, as well as a 24/7 phone prayer line. Persons of all spiritual and philosophical backgrounds are most welcome.

Rev. Pam recently took the time to speak with The Tolucan Times from her offices in Sherman Oaks.

What inspired you to become a minister?

As a child I was prone to ear infections. Then, after breaking an eardrum, I couldn’t hear well at all. When it finally came down to needing surgery, the surgeon told me it would be very possible that I could lose my hearing altogether.  When the doctor said to me, “I can fix your ear, but you have to do the actual healing,” it was a wake-up call that really got my attention.

When I shared my pre-surgical fears with a friend, she told me about the Science of Mind church. I immediately started seeing one of their practitioners to prepare myself for the surgery, and especially for what the doctor described as my responsibility for the healing.

After my surgery I went to a church service. While listening to the minister’s words, I realized that I had been doing healing work from the outside in, and for the first time understood what the doctor was hinting at—that healing begins from the inside out!  I then began having affirmative prayer sessions with one of the church’s licensed practitioners and became enthused about taking classes to become a practitioner myself.

I had a firsthand experience of how an affirmative approach to all aspects of our lives begins with learning to think in a new way.  I was convinced that my new way of thinking led to my ability to hear.  I was motivated to complete my practitioner studies, became licensed, and began seeing clients. I later enrolled in ministerial classes and became an ordained minister.

What entails teaching ‘a new way to think?’

Let’s say you’re having a session with me about a challenging physical condition.  What I will first share is that a health challenge is a diagnosis, not a prognosis, which means that it can be changed. That doesn’t mean you stop seeing your doctors. Our work entails the mental-emotional aspects that may be at the root of the illness which are addressed by recognizing that at your essence you are wholeness itself.

It stands in the face of the human mind that says, “Really? Are you sure?  Come on… that’s just imagination.” In Science of Mind we work with the Spirit essence that lives within you—that which some call soul and others call consciousness.   Affirmative prayer activates one’s awareness and connection to this essence.

Science of Mind teaches us how to live affirmatively.  Not by denial, but by affirming what is the highest truth about our authentic self, which is that we are individualized expressions of our Creator Source and as such everything we need to live a flourishing life has already been implanted within us.  Our work is to discover and activate it.

Can you take me through a Sunday Service?

We begin with elevating music by our house band which is followed by my leading an opening prayer. I speak for about 30 minutes on how to skillfully apply spiritual principles to the everyday issues that we commonly share as human beings.

I’m not necessarily traditional in a “sermonesque” sort of way. I share the healing principles and practices of Science of Mind as a spiritual psychology that empower individuals to work within their own consciousness. In other words, this is a path of self-reliance, much of which was founded on the teachings of the transcendentalists–Emerson in particular. After the closing prayer, congregants gather in the lobby of The Colony Theatre to fellowship and enjoy the company of like-minded spiritual seekers.

What are the functions of HCRS (Hollywood Church of Religious Science) Foundation?

We sold the HCRS building and created the Foundation so that we could donate 10 percent of what the building was sold for to humanitarian organizations. So every week we gift 10 percent to an organization such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and more recently the Special Olympics. We also give food, coats, and much needed items to senior citizens and the homeless.

What is your ultimate goal?

I would like the universal truth principles and practices of Science of Mind—which not only enhanced but ultimately saved my own life—to be as far-reaching as possible.

I have personally worked with hundreds of individuals who have been healed and transformed by applying these teachings in their daily lives, and know of thousands more whose lives have been utterly revolutionized.

Ours is an eclectic, diverse community grounded in kindness, in generosity of heart. We are a gathering of individuals whose focus isn’t on quantity, but rather quality. You might say our motto is, “Quantity is something you can count; quality is something you can count on.”  

Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles Sunday services take place at The Colony Theatre located at 555 N. Third St. in Burbank. For more information visit or call (818) 901-7600.

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