Gayle Garner Roski: LUSCIOUS

Spring 2010 University Club Exhibition

“The Tolucan Times’” publishers Mardi and Sarah Rustam with artist Gayle Garner Roski at the exhibit on January 13, 2010.

The USC University Club & the Roski School of Fine Arts presented Gayle Garner Roski: LUSCIOUS spring 2010 University Club Exhibition on Wednesday, January 13. The event was currated by Daniella Gold (MPAS ’10) and featured Gayle Roski’s watercolors and USC’s favorite recipes in the USC Alumni Association’s “Luscious” cookbook.

(L-R): Ed Roski, wife Gayle Garner Roski with guests.

One of Gayle Garner Roski’s pieces that was showcased at the spring 2010 University Club Exhibition.

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