Tales of a (Struggling?) Actress in Toluca Lake

The Tolucan Times has taken on a new columnist: Me! Please allow me to formally introduce myself since I will be providing a detailed account of my life.

In short, I’m a girl from Chicago who moved to Toluca Lake seven years ago to become an actress and star in Woody Allen movies. Needless to say, this has yet to happen. Little did I know I would also fall into writing, opening orphanages, and—I admit it—- frequently visiting the Trader Joe’s on Riverside Drive (sometimes solely for their mouth-watering samples in the back). My journey thus far has been, how I can say this without sounding jaded… hard. I want to share my life with you as I continue to trek and dream. As a reader, please expect an honest, (hopefully) entertaining, and maybe even inspiring account of everything from my struggles in the entertainment industry to the mishaps at the ninety nine cent store to completely insane adventures in India I continue to have. So… while I wait for Woody Allen’s call, please come with me on this climb.

I look forward to seeing you each week.


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