“The Illustrated Bradbury” Illustrates Life at the Fremont Centre Theatre

Ray Bradbury presents the Los Angeles premiere of “The Illustrated Bradbury” featuring Tobias Anderson.

Ray Bradbury presents the Los Angeles premiere of “The Illustrated Bradbury” featuring Tobias Anderson.

The talented actor, Tobias Anderson, virtually glides from one character to the next and in nine very diverse pieces, penned by renowned writer Ray Bradbury, in this LA premiere now staging at the Fremont Centre Theatre. “The Illustrated Bradbury” is a wonderful sampler of beloved narratives from one of America’s most prominent, prolific and imaginative storytellers in Bradbury. Anderson, under the direction of David Smith-English, delivers solidly and evenly with schooling to performers everywhere for using excellent enunciation and diction throughout the production— even in changing voices, accents and dialects.
Among the storylines that come to life include: a man who seeks to destroy every machine that intrudes upon his life; men of the present day encountering a prehistoric monster from the ocean depths; a stubborn woman who faces down Death; a chicken with a remarkable gift to predict the future; and more.
A special kudos of the week to composer/sound designer Rodolfo Ortega and the tech staff who delivered the goods— a superb job.
Addressing the audience after, Anderson focused on the love and optimism in Bradbury’s writings. This is a true testament to what real writing is often about. Anderson and Bradbury, who was on hand on opening night, have an association from Anderson, originating the role of fire Chief Beatty in the 1979 Colony Theatre production of “Fahrenheit 451” in Los Angeles.

“The Illustrated Bradbury” plays at the Fremont Centre Theatre, 100 Fremont Ave. South Pasadena 91030, on Fri. and Sat. at 8 pm., Sundays at 3 pm through March 8. Admission is $20 with discounts available for seniors ($15) and students ($10). For reservations, call (323) 960-4429 or go online to www.Plays411.com.

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