Pet Orphans of Southern California: The Vet Clinic is back

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Pet Orphans of Southern California is excited to announce the reopening of their weekly Thursday Vet Clinic.

The non-profit organization has been finding suitable homes for dogs and cats since 1973. Many of the staff members are volunteers, trained to perform services ranging from socializing the animals to adoption counseling. The goals of Pet Orphans of Southern California are: rescue, adoption, medical care, education and training.

A great gift for the friend ‘who has everything’ is a donation to Pet Orphans in their name.

The Vet Clinic is committed to providing health care particularly for the lower income community, from routine exams to dentistry and oral surgery. To help control the animal population, spaying and neutering is offered. Microchipping, crucial in locating a lost pet, is available, as are vaccines, diagnostic tests, surgeries and treatment of many maladies.

Pet Orphans of Southern California is full service. There is a pet store, which sells necessities like leashes, cat trees and, of course, toys. The dog grooming department does bathing, mani-pedi, brushing and ear cleaning. There is even a professional photographer to immortalize Fido or Fluffy.

This amazing institution has worked tirelessly for well over 40 years to ensure that dogs and cats move nearer to a no-kill world. By rescuing these animals from shelters, by finding them loving homes, by educating people about responsible pet ownership, and now, by providing affordable health care for pets, they are getting closer to achieving their goal.

Funded by private donations, not government grants, Pet Orphans relies on the public to continue their mission. Whether it be with cash donations, volunteering or pet supplies, most of us can help. A great gift for the friend “who has everything” is a donation to Pet Orphans in their name.

If you are contemplating adopting a dog or cat, visit Pet Orphans of Southern California. There, you can be sure that your furry friend has been checked out by the best, and that his or her needs will be provided by this fantastic organization.

Pet Orphans of Southern California is located at 7720 Gloria Ave. in Van Nuys. To make an appointment for the Vet Clinic call Dahlia at (818) 901-0190 Ext. 35. Visit for more information.


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