Sharing my life with a dog by my side

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A little story about a particular dog named Mikey

By Bud Kucia

There has always been a special bond between humans and dogs. The jobs they can be trained to do are endless. Service and Therapy dogs come in different breads and sizes, and can be trained to help the blind and elderly in their daily routines. Also, they can alert their owners to impending physical problems and dangers.

However, not all dogs can become Service or Therapy dogs. A Service dog should be well trained and blend in with their surroundings. Please be considerate and ask permission before greeting a Service dog.

When he was about a year old, he was rescued from a local shelter and had a few issues. Mikey went into training and in a year he received three title certificates from the American Kennel Club. He now visits patients at care and rehab centers along with his handler, who Mikey helped through his rehab after a serious operation which left him unable to walk without aid.

So, you may see Mikey riding in his sidecar around Toluca Lake. He loves the attention and is always ready to get his picture taken.


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