At Stratford School students discover the extraordinary

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By the staff of Stratford School

At Stratford School, high expectations lead to extraordinary results. Our advanced, innovative, and intentionally balanced curriculum inspires, challenges and nurtures the minds and hearts of every student. It also produces impressive results. Stratford students outscore independent school students, are recognized for academic achievement and contribute to their communities.

Our curriculum is created in a thoughtful and deliberate way to provoke curiosity, nurture exploration and encourage inquiry. Students develop a love of learning, study above grade level and prepare themselves for the future.

We infuse our broad liberal arts curriculum with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). We combine traditional teaching styles with 21st century learning principles. We integrate technology with careful intention. We provide a variety of extracurricular pursuits, personal development activities, physical education and play time. Our passionate teachers cultivate a physically and emotionally secure classroom environment. And we both welcome and listen to the feedback of our students’ parents.

The result is a rich spectrum of hands-on learning opportunities — provided in an energized classroom atmosphere where students are mentally focused and highly engaged — that enable students to learn, question, collaborate and develop the diverse skills and talents they need to compete in today’s world.

When you harness the collective power of students, teachers and administrators, Stratford is able to explore and rapidly implement new teaching practices to achieve our ultimate goal of preparing students to become the next generation of creative problem solvers, imaginative innovators and confident, insightful leaders.


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