iLEAD North Hollywood leads way in finding ‘right college fit’ for every learner

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By the staff of
iLEAD North Hollywood

At iLEAD North Hollywood, we believe that “progressive” and “rigorous” are not mutually exclusive concepts when it comes to education. At the core of our mission is finding the “right college fit” for every learner. “College knowledge” informs all that we do, from the academic electives and AP courses offered, to workshops on financial aid, and to our advisory periods that build a strong and connected community.

We focus on the whole child, valuing not just academic success on the path to college, but also social and emotional growth. We believe that learners who are known well, know well.

As part of this mission, we offer college information during our advisory periods to every grade level and specialized workshops on Fridays that coach students through every stage of the college application process. As learners get closer to graduating, individual and small group counseling appointments for juniors, seniors and their families increases the level of personal handling.  As a result, our first two graduating classes are now attending colleges throughout the U.S., including such institutions as Dartmouth, Georgetown, Bryn Mawr, Columbia, Wellesley, Oberlin, Brown, UCLA and NYU.

Many of our courses offer a dynamic classroom approach in which learners actively explore real-world design challenges to acquire deeper knowledge. From our Banned Book Trial to our national speech and debate championship team to our community of young songwriters and award-winning poets, learners at iLEAD NoHo are engaged in curriculum that has real-world connections.

iLEAD North Hollywood is located at 14701 Friar St. in Van Nuys. Call (818) 796-2415 or visit


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