San Fernando Valley personal trainer Ron Sarchian breaks more Guinness World Records

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Ron Sarchian began breaking Guinness World Records in 2004, on his 40th birthday at Premier Fitness in Encino, by punching a 100 lb. heavy bag for 36 hours and three minutes. He dedicated this first world record to his father, Archie, who passed away at the age of 33 from testicular cancer.

Sarchian has been a personal trainer in the San Fernando Valley since 2000 and he continues to build his business as a trusted and experienced trainer as he continues to break Guinness World Records.

In 2018, Sarchian broke three more World Records and now has broken or still holds a total of 10 Guinness World Records. He is also featured in the new 2019 Guinness Book, hardcover edition.

On September 5, 2017 Sarchian made an appearance on The Today Show where he Karate chopped 42 full size watermelons in half with his bare hands in front of five million TV viewers and hundreds more watching live at the Rockefeller Center Plaza in New York City — a record that Sarchian proudly dedicated to his mother, Mary Jane. He says, “When you dedicate a world record to your mother on national TV and she’s watching, you better break it.”

Sarchian says, “As a personal trainer, I take pride in putting myself out there to break World Records, mainly to prove that it can be done. What you need to have is the drive, determination and discipline to be successful. These are the same traits that I try to instill in my personal training clients.”

Sarchian also enjoys speaking to groups regarding “Goal Setting” and “Going Beyond Your Personal Limits” and has recently become a consultant for those who may want to try and break a World Record.

For more information or to contact Sarchian visit his website at or call (818) 389-2522.


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