Green Apple China Bistro — Serving It Right!


By Scott Putman

Southern-style “with a hint of Szechuan flavor” Chinese cuisine.

Studio City’s go-to for quenching that Chinese food craving, Green Apple China Bistro, has earned its stripes. Opened in June 2010, owners Thomas Jin and Melissa Liao bring twenty-two years of restaurant experience, specializing in Southern-style “with a hint of Szechuan flavor” Chinese cuisine to the table. Delivering health conscious and lighter prepared dishes that have no MSG, they use very little oil, fresh and locally purchased ingredients and aim to avoid anything canned – all without any compromise in flavor.

Start by trying the New York-style Egg Rolls — these “Big & Juicy” rolls are typically found only in NY. Stuffed with cabbage, celery, pork, and shrimp, they are hugely popular. Other tempting dim sum choices include: Siu Mai, Char Siu Bao, and Har Gow.

Follow it by trying the Filet Mignon French Style – sliced filet, stir fried with asparagus in a special black pepper sauce. A tender and succulent winner.

Get satisfied with the Singapore Curry Mifun – thin rice noodles with shrimp, BBQ pork, eggs, bean sprouts, and green and white onions in a yellow curry sauce.

The large Szechuan Scallops are a seafood lover’s delight. Cooked with mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers, and spicy sauce. This dish will really rock your taste buds.

An A-list of other dishes including: the delightful Kung Pao, a great Chinese Chicken Salad, Smoked Orange Peel Beef, and the yummy Pineapple Curry Fried Rice are among the few that will make anyone come back for more.

The Bottom Line – Apps $4-$8, Entrees $7-16. Modern and accommodating with outstanding service. Perfect lunch specials, a catering menu fit for the studios, delivery (within 3 miles), and even curbside take away service.

Green Apple China Bistro is located at 12265 Ventura Blvd. #112 in Studio City. For information call (818) 980-5888 or visit

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