The Smoke House Restaurant


Owners Lee and Marti Spencer with G.M. Israel Aviles on the night of their 66th Anniversary Party.

The Smoke House Restaurant is celebrating its 66th birthday this year. In 1946 two former Lockheed engineers looked at the future and decided there would be no more global conflicts after WWII. Since they both enjoyed barbecuing they decided to open a restaurant close to where they lived in Burbank. The result is the world renowned Smoke House. We are all grateful that their first chef had a recipe for garlic bread. This one delicious dish has now sold millions of orders to cheese bread fans all over the L.A. area.

Of course it is not only the bread that brings the Smoke House fans in. The aged tender Prime Rib brings in many satisfied customers. All the meat served at the Smoke House is choice aged grass-fed beef. Smoke House’s motto for 66 years has been fine food for a fair price. It is on its main sign on their building which is across the street from Warner Bros. studios. In fact the very popular movie Argo has a scene where Ben Affleck and John Goodman are having lunch together. The scene required a 1979 look. Where else but the famous Smoke House as it was — then in its 33rd year!

Try it yourself as it is open 365 a year and serving a great Sunday Brunch. Thanksgiving is once again serving the traditional American turkey dinner. Also other holiday favorites like ham, prime rib, and all the sides you look forward to. Call today for reservations at (818) 845-4731.

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