Where the Stars Meet


By Jerry Yomam

Paty’s Restaurant in Toluca Lake, “where the stars meet for great food.”

Paty’s has been a landmark in Toluca Lake since 1960. They have one of the most diverse menus you can imagine. Although mainly known for their breakfast dishes including their Original Scrabble, they also have their Fitness Menu, consisting of dishes made with egg whites and some vegetarian dishes.

For lunch, they serve one of the best hamburgers anywhere as their meat is ground special for them. Also, a wide variety of sandwiches, actual deli-style reubens, (try one with a Dr. Browns soda), clubs, barbecue beef and some wonderful salads.

Now for dinner, they serve their very popular broasted chicken, steakhouse quality steaks and many other dinner items to choose from, including pasta dishes and some seafood. By the way, all of their soups, like chicken noodle, and sauces are made from scratch daily.

When you stop in, check out the amazing home-style layered cakes made in their kitchen, enjoy some great coffee or a cappuccino with it. So stop in and enjoy some great food, maybe on one of the outdoor patios, and keep your eyes open because you never know what celebrity sighting you might have! Check out their celebrity wall of pictures and you’ll see what I mean.

As we enter the Holiday season, Paty’s will be open Thanksgiving Day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Gift cards are available as well.

Paty’s is located at 10001 Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake. For more information, call (818) 761-0041 or visit Paty’s online at www.PatysRestaurant.com.

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