An Interview with Telepathic Dog Whisperer Valli Aman

Valli Aman of Oh My Dog says “Every service I perform is education and intuition-based.”

Valli Aman of Oh My Dog says “Every service I perform is education and intuition-based.”

Q. What is a Dog Whisperer?

A. My definition is an individual that has the talent to understand, communicate with, and be the recipient of information coming from and transmitting to a dog. A true dog whisperer is intelligent, knowledgeable, and telepathic … as it relates to dogs.

Q. You say you do not call yourself a dog whisperer. Why is that?

A. I don’t feel it’s a title you give to yourself. It is either a talent you have or you do not and I do believe others will tell you. When I was becoming a trainer, not even knowing how to hold a leash at first, I did have a lifetime of metaphysical information in me. I was producer/host of a 15 year TV project “Visions” that explored such information and interviewed master educators on a variety of topics. I never put two and two together until I became a certified dog trainer, gained clients, and began developing some methods of my own. As seedlings of success showed themselves to me through my client’s dogs, the talent showed itself as well, and my clientele started speaking of it.

Q. What sort of services do you perform that your intuition plays a part in?

A. Every service I perform is education and intuition-based. During classes and private lessons I have experienced rescued dogs transmitting pictures to my mind showing me just what their problem is. When this happens I am able to prescribe activities to rehabilitate the dog and educate the family on what the dog may need so that both are speaking the same language and the problem can be resolved.

Q. So you are saying that much of your training is silent?

A. Well not all training is silent. There is still sit, stay, down, come, and a whole lot more that needs to be taught, but it is the understanding of what these behaviors mean to a dog and in turn to the owner that is crucial so a relationship can be developed between them. I am a true advocate of calm assertive leadership behavior training for dog owners so they can understand what it takes to create a harmonic relationship with all members of the family and the dog in their home. Yes, owning a dog can do all that.

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