Cal Pet Crematory Helps Pet Owners Honor the Passing of Beloved Companions


Life without our furry, little (or big) companions is difficult to imagine. As they effortlessly assume roles such as protector, provider and loyal friend, they become a special part of the family. Therefore, the passing of such an integral member of the family should be handled with nothing less than a tremendous amount of love, care and understanding.

For over sixty years, Cal Pet Crematory, a family-owned and operated business, has helped pet owners by providing support and services following the loss of a beloved pet. When Al Carveth and his wife Lela started Cal Pet Crematory in 1947, they, understanding the special place that our dear friends have and our unfailing love and goal to always keep their best interest at heart, wanted to provide a “dignified farewell” appropriately honoring the loss of their own beloved pets that had become like children to them with the same level of care that any member of the family would receive. Continuing with the same sentiment since 1991, Mark Stine, along with partner Paul, brother Jim, sister Linda and her husband John, as well as their two sons Craig and Brian, provide the same level of compassion, understanding and care as his uncle did over sixty years ago. Completing the knowledgeable and supportive staff are brothers Fred and Paul Caines along with brother-in-law Will Hemphill, Gelsa Paladino and newest members Fhane Crone and Tom Bridegroom.

Services at Cal Pet are offered for dogs and cats of all sizes, as well as rabbits, birds and other pets. Arrangements can be made personally or through animal hospitals, clinics and other veterinary facilities. Complimentary pick-up is available from many veterinarians and animal hospitals in addition to home pick-ups for a minimal charge. All cremations are individually scheduled and pet owners are provided the opportunity to be present. Cremains are returned in a complimentary urn, or a personally selected decorative urn or memorial stone from Cal Pet’s catalogue. Cremains may be personally retrieved or returned to your veterinarian. Special requests for remains to be scattered are also accommodated.

Cal Pet Crematory is located at 9595 Glenoaks Blvd. in Sun Valley. They can be reached by phone at (818) 983-2313 or (323) 875-0633. Cal Pet is open Monday through Friday from 8am- 4pm and Saturdays from 8-11am. For more information, visit

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