Is Your Pet Prepared for a Disaster?


By Alex Close

T18-16-PET-Is Your Pet Prepared for a DisasterAs Southern Californians, we’re susceptible to earthquakes, fires and other frightening disasters. It’s hard enough to prepare ourselves, but think of how devastating it would be to overlook the needs of your pet in an emergency.

Since our animals depend on us for everything, it’s important to consider their wellbeing in a crisis. That’s why the Save Your Pet Pack is a reliable solution in providing convenient and affordable emergency supplies in an all-in-one disaster bag. Purchasing the portable Save Your Pet Pack is a great way to equip you or any available caretaker to care for your pet.

Each pack is fully customized for a dog or cat. It comes in two styles: (1) for pet owners to wear, and (2) a backpack worn on the dog. Both styles contain emergency food and water, travel bowls, bandana, light sticks, hypothermia blanket, a top-notch pet first-aid kit, and more (for a full list of products, visit

Your chances of being separated from your pet in an emergency are high, so identification is key. Your pet should be micro-chipped and always wear an ID tag. Include identifying documentation and contact information in your Save Your Pet Pack (a contact form is provided); add a photo of you with your pet because you may have to prove your pet belongs to you.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare. Practicing evacuation drills and including both your pet and your emergency pack can lead to saving your pet’s life. And remember, if you’re in a disaster always ask yourself, “Is it safe to leave a small child behind in this situation?” If the answer is “No,” then take your pet and your Save Your Pet Pack with you.

Save Your Pet Packs are available while supplies last at

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