The Power of Healing Energy


By Dexter Del Monte

The universal life force, called chi or prana, flows through every living being. When we are relaxed, it can balance and release blocked energy in the body, allowing us to heal. Anyone can be a “healer,” or conduit for this energy.

I knew that animals were highly receptive to this energy, yet I was stunned at the profound affect it had on Louise, a five month old feral kitten I took in from the streets of South Los Angeles.

I didn’t want to live with a wild animal. She hid, hissed, scratched, bit and went berserk if I approached her. Unfortunately, Louise had no where else to go.

Soon Louise became sick with upper respiratory disease. Her eyes and nose were dripping. She was lethargic, sneezing, coughing and could barely breathe with severe congestion.

I immediately began sending healing energy to her from another room. I ran energy two to three times a day. The first day Louise stopped sneezing. The second day she stopped coughing. By the third day she was playing, but was still congested. Every time I ran energy, she started to breathe normally.

However, this is what amazed me. Every time I sent energy to Louise, she came over to me, nuzzling my hair, knocking my face and gently caressing my hands. She purred, pushed against my chest, cuddled in my lap and stayed for the duration of the healing. Each time I began, Louise jumped on my lap, and became an affectionate, tame, gentle being.

Now healthy, she keeps her distance again, although she is no longer afraid of me and lets me pet her sometimes. Although Louise will always be wild at heart, she demonstrated her love, and showed me that healing energy can work miracles.

Dexter Del Monte is an internationally known animal communicator, healer, Kundalini Yoga instructor and Zen meditation practitioner. She is available for consultations, lectures and workshops. Visit her Web site at

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