Campbell Hall Arts & Education Center Opens!


Campbell Hall’s Arts & Education Center Opens! Call (818) 505-5303 for more information.

111,000 square feet of teaching space and subterranean parking was formerly dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in August. State and local politicians joined more than 1,500 students, teachers, and parents to celebrate completion of the facility that includes multi-purpose classrooms, dance studios, art studios, music classrooms, a television studio, sound studio, art gallery, drama lab, outside terraces and gardens, faculty resource center, and cutting-edge technology integrated throughout. The project’s LEED certification and native plantings demonstrate Campbell Hall’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Parent Education/Speaker Series — Examples of our speakers this year include:

Brené Brown, PhD: “The Power of Vulnerability” (September);

Denise Pope, PhD: “Academic Stress – Academic Success: Finding the Balance” (October);

Peter H. Diamandis: “Creating an Age of Abundance” (January).

Campbell Hall is committed to finding ways to reduce student stress without lowering academic standards. Here are four initiatives (very briefly outlined) our school adopted last year to ease the pressure and teach not just hard, but smart:

  • Let them sleep in: We pushed back the secondary division start time to 8:50 a.m.;
  • Ease the frenetic daily pace with a block schedule (75 minute classes, fewer classes per day);
  • Take the fear out of finals: Nothing stirs the fight, flight, or freeze response quite like the word “finals”;
  • Teach stress reduction techniques.

For more insights and research results about stress reduction techniques, or for more information about the complete Speaker Series program orArts & EducationCenter, please contact us: (818) 505-5303.

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