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It goes without saying that a strong public education system is vital to the life of Los Angeles. Even though the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) operates completely independently of the city bureaucracy, I’m a big supporter of the schools in and around my district. I don’t want to run the schools; I want to help them. To that end, I’ve worked to support education by organizing semi-annual conferences called Schools Collaboratives that bring school and city officials together to iron out problems in the seams between the two. These have focused particularly on safety, traffic and litter issues around school campuses. For example, after several traffic accidents near schools in my district, we have had tremendous success helping our schools to better organize morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up systems that improve student safety.

These School Collaboratives have also helped schools with fundraising, which is extremely important in this economic climate. It’s no news that budgets for public education and city services are being cut dramatically this year. I hope you’ll help me help our schools weather this difficult period. Please contact my education team, Mary Rodriguez and my wife Brigid LaBonge who is volunteering as an unpaid staffer in my office to work on education issues. Mary and Brigid can be reached at (818)755-7630. Information is knowledge is power. The more we can work together in this difficult economic time, the more power we will have to provide a strong education to our children.

– Councilmember Tom LaBonge

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