Do You Know the ABC’s of St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool?


St. Paul’s students Raphel, Michael, Alondra and Joseph enjoy the LAPD officers’ visit.

A is for excellent academics in our daily schedule of activities.

B is for the Bible, the foundation of our entire preschool and school.

C is for the Christian atmosphere that all the children enjoy!

D is for the wonderful cultural diversity that our families bring to our school.

E is for the excellence we strive for in all we do at St. Paul’s School and Preschool!

F is for the big Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 16!

G is for graham crackers, the favorite snack in every preschool!

H is for heaven, the destination for all our kids.

I is for the individual attention that each child in our preschool deserves.

J is for Jesus, the center of our school and faith.

K is for the knowledge that every youngster gains in the daily program.

L is for the Love of Jesus that we share with every single child.

M is for Miss Cynthia Clendenn, our Pre-K teacher and director.

N is nurturing our preschool children to grow to their full potential.

O is for the many options of attendance plans that our parents can choose.

P is for the fun and expansive playground for all our kids.

Q is for the quality care that is given to every child.

R for the state of California requirements that are precisely followed.

S is for Miss Sandy, our cheerful 2-year-old class teacher.

T is for Miss Tina, our enthusiastic 3-year-old class teacher.

U is understanding that every child in our school is special!

V is for the V.I.P’s, our Very Involved Parents and Partners.

W is for the warm welcome we will offer you when you visit!

X is for all the eXtra activities that St. Paul’s offers to our families.

Y is for the all the blessings You and Your child will experience at St. Paul’s by enrolling today!

Z is for the zest of life that every child brings to St. Paul’s School and Preschool!

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