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Today’s children will most likely change the future of this plant. We must always remember to handle our young with extreme care. Bear in mind these little people can become bruised and broken very easily. We see the results of children that are neglected and abused everyday in the news. We read scandalous and shocking stories about kids who have run amuck both psychologically and emotionally.

Youth can be an incredible and wonderful time in our lives. A lot of my best memories are from my childhood. It is a time when life is uncomplicated and dreams still can come true. That’s why I am a supporter of after school enrichment programs.

During the two years I ran an after school program, I saw these children develop a genuine spirit of community, as well as what I believe, the feeling of belonging to something important, something good, a place that could change their young lives for the better. I became conscious that children in these programs become more positive, confident and are also learning self worth, usefulness, teamwork and how to express themselves more effectively.

This is a place where any child can fit in. It is a very special place for the young person; sometimes it is the only place a child has where someone will listen to them and their problems.

With all temptations, like gangs, drugs and sex, parents are fortunate to have dedicated programs to help our children resist these enticements

Kevin McKenna is an award winning filmmaker/social scientist and the Executive Director of IDEAS (Investigative Documentaries Educating American Society), a 501c Non-profit Corporation. If you have any comments, ideas or need more information on how you can help or contribute, please call him at (818) 588-3047 or E-mail

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