Honorary Mayor of Toluca Lake, FRITZ COLEMAN On Education


What do math and science have in common with General Motors and AIG?
Too big to fail!

Arts programs in schools?
More anemic every day.

Music curriculums?
Pulse is getting weaker.

Then, a recent study comes out saying that the U.S. is slipping to the back of the pack in the fields of math and science.

Now, you got my attention!

Weather is math and science! Somewhere out there a child is sitting in the basement, right now, logging changes in barometric pressure. He or she may just be the one that will grow up to unlock the mystery of that great oxymoron: accurate weather prediction. That one bright, young mind that will insure that television weatherpersons no longer have to endure the constant indignity of the blown forecast. Unfortunately, 90 percent of a weathercaster’s job is learning to suffer public humiliation gracefully. It goes without saying that…without healthy high school math and science programs…there’s no hope for those of us looking for professional respect.

We need incentives to keep math and science teachers at their jobs. Incentives to draw big brains from the private sector to the classroom…if only part time. Incentives to lure more bright students to the disciplines.

Wake up, America!

I don’t want a forecaster in Beijing to be the first to be able to confidently report, “There is absolutely, positively a 100 percent chance of rain on Saturday!”

– Fritz Coleman, a proud product of “No Underachiever Left Behind” and KNBC-TV’s resident weatherman

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