Laurence School Provides Children with the Foundation to Become Lifelong Learners


Laurence School’s Secret Garden of Learning.

Laurence School is committed to providing an outstanding learning environment for elementary age children that focuses on their total development, including academics, social interaction, and emotional and physical well-being. What founder Marvin Jacobson began in 1953 as a one-room schoolhouse is today a thriving learning community of 300 kindergarten through 6th grade students.

Laurence’s goal is to offer a strong, cutting-edge academic program that encourages children to enhance and broaden their critical and creative thinking. In this spirit, Laurence maintains its commitment to providing children with the foundation to become lifelong learners. Experienced specialists in the areas of science, technology, art, music, drama, Spanish, Mandarin and public speaking provide opportunities for students to find areas of interest that will enrich their lives beyond their Laurence experience.

We are proud of our record of instilling timeless values of good character and exemplary citizenship in our students, and we take pride in our nationally acclaimed character education and service-learning programs.

In addition to ongoing thematic programs such as Go Global, Go Green, Global Education and Edible Garden and Sustainable Living, Laurence also offers its students a variety of opportunities in the area of performing arts, including chorus, piano/keyboarding, orchestra, percussion and musical theater. We also offer interscholastic athletics and after school enrichment programs. After school play is available until 5:30 p.m.

Laurence School is a state-of-the-art 4-acre facility that supports our strong curriculum and optimizes the learning of each student. Our personalized learning program expertly addresses the needs of both grade level and highly accelerated learners. We remain true to our mission of developing the unique abilities of the “total child.” Laurence graduates consistently matriculate to the finest independent secondary schools in the Los Angeles area.

Our personalized, close-knit community, where everyone knows each child and is dedicated to his or her overall development – will always be Laurence’s distinguishing trademark.

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