Los Encinos School


Think big. Start small.

You always wondered about the benefits of a small elementary school. Now there’s evidence to support your keen intuition. When young children feel safe, comfortable, and genuinely known as individuals, they have more confidence to express themselves and more eagerness to learn. This is why the size ofLosEncinosSchoolappeals to parents who understand the advantages of a small elementary school. A place where everyone knows each other; friendship and cooperation span all grades; and where students feel both safe and excited to take risks.

LosEncinosSchoolis a deliberately small school, designed to capture the proven social benefits of a close-knit learning community, while pursuing rigorous and age-appropriate academic programs. From kindergarten to sixth grade, students are both encouraged and challenged in ways that nurture their independence while instilling a deep respect for collaboration, compassion, and sharing.

At LosEncinosSchool, the teaching is a blend of the best progressive and traditional methods. The faculty engages the students with dynamic lessons that challenge students to wrestle with difficult questions and engage in creative problem solving. Students at Los Encinos exhibit an intellectual curiosity that inspires them to continually seek deeper levels of meaning.

Through the school’s Service Learning Program, students learn to be respectful, compassionate individuals who are purposefully engaged in their community.LosEncinosSchoolstudents listen thoughtfully to diverse perspectives and then communicate with intelligence, creativity, and respect.

Graduates of Los Encinos leave elementary school with stellar academic credentials and exceptional social skills. They go on to attend prestigious schools of every size and type.LosEncinosSchoolhas harnessed the power of small and is making big dreams come true.

LosEncinosSchoolis located at17114 Ventura Blvd.in Encino. For more information, call (818) 990-1106 or visit losencinosschool.org.

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