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Students at Pardada Pardadi Educational Society crowd in for a photograph.

Think about a family of five living on a family income of below $15 per month. This program is not about tearing your heartstrings for a little food each day. It is about a complete educational program we provide. In the last ten years, this program started providing much needed teachers, administrators, flight attendants, and nurses, and finding additional income sources for their families. Started in 2001, this program,  which was implemented for girls ages 5 through 19, has changed the local culture from having no opportunities for female children to even go to school, to now having a waiting list at this rural school for girls. Through this program, you will be part of helping children break free of conditions not of their own creation.

Through your donations, expansion of the current program from 1,100 girls up to 4,000 can be accomplished over the next few years. You have the opportunity to sponsor as many children as you wish, for just $20 per child per month. Receive updates, newsletters, and even opportunities to travel to the school (highly recommended), which is about 3 to 4 hours outside ofDelhi. FHFI has been bringing humanitarian hope to remote locations since 2010. If you want to connect with people who appreciate you in a very real, non-superficial way, I invite you to an adventure. More about this adventure is available on our website. This is about connecting with children who want to make a difference.

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