Mandarin Comes to Ramona Convent

Ms. Kattie (Qing) Xu will teach the new Mandarin Chinese course at Ramona Convent.

Ms. Kattie (Qing) Xu will teach the new Mandarin Chinese course at Ramona Convent.

Ramona is excited to introduce a course addition to the World Language Department and welcome a new member to the staff. The Mandarin Chinese course at Ramona is a year-long, introductory course for non-Chinese speaking students. The main objective of this course is to develop a strong foundation in the Mandarin Chinese language in four aspects: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The focus will be on the students’ speaking and listening skills, pronunciation, and proper grammar usage in high-frequency common communicative settings, such as introductory greetings, family descriptions, time, hobbies, and home etiquette. Students will also be able to accurately write and depict Chinese traditional characters, effectively develop their phonetic understanding of Hanyu Pinyin, and begin to associate the tonal qualities of Mandarin Chinese into their pronunciation.

Ramona is thrilled to have Ms. Kattie (Qing) Xu on staff to teach the course. Ms. Xu completed her Bachelor of Education in Chinese Literature in 2007 from Zhejiang University in China, PRC. Ms. Xu spent four years working for Tiantai Senior High School, a top high school in Hangzhou, as a Senior Counselor and 12th grade Chinese language teacher. She has also obtained her Masters Degree and Credential to teach Chinese as a second language from Loyola Marymount University. Ms. Xu is excited to help us kick-start the Chinese program and is thrilled to share her culture and language with the Ramona community.

Ramona Convent is located at 1701 W. Ramona Rd. in Alhambra. For more information, visit or call (626) 282-4151.


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