New music album aims to educate, empower and entertain special needs kids


‘Songs About Us’ by Kerry Fenster is music therapy

With the support and guidance of long time music executive Richie Gallo ( who has worked with artists from Sting to Raffi, musician Kerry Fenster is getting the professional push necessary for the world to hear the music he’s designed for children with special needs.  Fenster’s fine-tuned music therapy approach on Songs About Us provides parents, educators and therapists with a unique recording that assists kids in developing basic social and developmental skills.

“Songs About Us is an innovative social skills behavioral tool for developmentally delayed young adults, disguised in a set of extraordinary songs that are accessible to the current generation,” said Gregory T. Anderson, J.D. Education Specialist, Vocational Education, The Help Group West. “You’ll find yourself whistling these catchy tunes.”

Kerry Fenster’s work with children with autism at The Help Group, one of the largest, most innovative and comprehensive organizations of its kind in the United States, spurred his passion to make music for the children. “Families with special needs children deserve music they can all enjoy and learn from together,” said composer Fenster of Songs About Us. “We are excited by the feedback we’ve received already from those who have heard the recordings.”

One of the four original songs on the recording is the lead single and music video “Quiet Hands,” an engaging song that encourages body control with a fun sing-along chorus which repeats “never to poke, never to scratch, never to hit, never to snatch” and features arm movements that both entertain and teach by example. “Hygiene,” “Personal Space” and “Use Your Words” are additionally entertaining, educational and energetic songs, each teaching popular social skills as indicated in the song titles.

Produced by Mark Mazzetti, who has a significant history of creating Grammy Award-winning hit records, the independently released Songs About Us bears the hallmarks of a major label, high-quality listening experience.

Aiming to educate, empower and entertain those with special needs while delivering practical tools to improve their regular interactions with others—Songs About Us—the first in a series from the label Muzic School– is a five-song EP featuring four original songs plus an updated version of Pete Townshend’s “Pinball Wizard,” a lively tribute to the uniquely gifted.

Songs About Us is available on iTunes, Amazon, and other popular online retailers as digital download for $6.99 or physical CD for $12. Both formats include song lyrics for lively sing-alongs and improved comprehension. A portion of all net proceeds will be donated to various children’s charities.

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