Power Kidz Club Empowers with Confidence, Competence, and Character

Suzette Rivera with Marjorie Alayon of the Power Kidz Club.

Suzette Rivera with Marjorie Alayon of the Power Kidz Club.

Parents not only want to provide their children with the basic necessities in life, they also want to prepare them for life’s journey. They know that their children must be able to make good choices since they won’t be able to protect them forever.

Just one bad decision can change a child’s life forever.

Among the biggest challenges youth face today are problems caused by low self-esteem. The statistics are alarming. Low self-esteem is a common denominator in youth facing substance abuse, violence, teen pregnancies, eating disorders, and suicide. That is the reason why Marjorie Alayon and Suzette Rivera developed the Power Kidz Club. Their mission is to empower kids with Confidence, Competence, and Character. The project grew out of the need to give their own children the tools necessary to make good choices.

Parents face the challenge of sharing important life lessons with their children and most struggle with finding ways to accomplish that. The Power Kidz Club knows that “facts tell but stories sell,” especially with children. That is why all lessons are delivered in story format so children are entertained while learning and picking up valuable skills and principles to help them lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Every child learns differently. By providing videos, e-books, audios, games, and interactive exercises that appeal to all children, Power Kidz can accommodate all types of learners — visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Learning without doing is not learning. Weekly content delivery allows children to focus on one lesson at a time. This gives them time to watch, listen, and most importantly apply the lessons in real life.

Power Kidz also takes advantage of an effective technique called “spaced repetition” to help children comprehend the material better and create permanent positive habits that will prepare them for success in life.

Learn more about the Power Kidz Club by visiting powerkidzclub.com.

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