St. Francis Xavier School Introduces Performing Arts at the Highest Level Possible


The Saint Francis Stage Kid’s Kompany’s production of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Saint Francis Xavier elementary has been expertly educating Valley residents for over 55 years. The school, located on an 8 ½ acre campus in the verdant Verdugo Hills at the top of Buena Vista Street, has been known for its high standard of education, exceptional CYO sports teams, and the most anticipated fair in Burbank.

Scholastically, Saint Francis continues to deliver to its 270 students a level of excellence in education that few schools can brag about. The students consistently score well above grade level in every subject, especially reading, science, math, and language arts.

During the last few years Saint Francis has also taken great strides to introduce its students to the performing arts at the highest level possible. The student body has an unprecedented opportunity to take part in a myriad of programs including various choirs, an annual 8th grade play, a Christmas concert, and “The Saint Francis Stage Kid’s Kompany.” This yearly program is sponsored by Tim Dietlein and his historic Glendale Centre Theater.

“We brought the Glendale Center Theater in when we realized it was time to amp up the experience for the kids,” said Daniel Roebuck, founder of The Saint Francis Stage Kid’s Kompany and former school parent. “Our principal, Paul Sullivan, is a great supporter of the arts and we knew GCT has been successfully teaching kids the basics of acting for over a decade so we asked Tim if he would create a traveling version of his wonderful program for our school.”

Under the expert direction of Tiffany LaBarbera Palmer, The Saint Francis Stage Kid’s Kompany has mounted Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and The Wizard of Oz; the last production featured a cast of 80 plus students!

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