St. Francis Xavier School on the Forefront of Technology


St. Francis Xavier School on the Forefront of Technology

St. Francis Xavier School has earned a reputation for integrating cutting edge technology into the curriculum.

In 2008–2009 every classroom from kindergarten through eighth grade installed a SmartBoard. These boards allow teachers to take concepts and present them in a way that engages students more actively.

In addition to the SmartBoard, St. Francis Xavier School utilizes two one-to-one student-based technologies. The Smart Technologies’ Learner Response System uses “clickers,” so that students can enter answers, whether for an informal question during class or for a formal test. This data can be immediately shared with the students, their parents, or it can be used for a teacher to see what concepts students do or do not understand. Laptops for the junior high Language Arts program also integrate with the SmartBoards so that students can interact with the lesson’s content on a one-to-one basis.

When it comes to sharing grades with parents, St. Francis Xavier School uses This Web site allows every teacher to post grades for students so that parents and students can view them as soon as they are available.

St. Francis Xavier has also integrated technology into their on-campus library. A recent library renovation included the installation of a library software system and the replacement of hundreds of outdated books. These changes have brought new life to the library, making it one of the most popular places on campus.

St. Francis Xavier School prides itself on using technology as a means to engage students and improve their learning experiences.


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