The Buckley School Opens New Building


Exterior of the new Academic and Performing Arts building.

On September 9, The Buckley School celebrated the opening of its new Academic and Performing Arts Building. The environmentally friendly, two-story building is home to 14 new rooms, including state-of-the-art spaces for dance, choir, orchestra, and theatre, as well as a Student Technology Center, a Journalism and Publications classroom, 6th grade classrooms, and a K-12 faculty center.

“We very purposefully prioritized and designed spaces that will help prepare students with 21st century skills,” said Larry Dougherty, Ed.D., Head of School, at the building dedication. “In addition, this new building is a reminder of just how central the arts are to our school.”

A second building on the school’s campus was completely renovated for the start of the school year, and now features a Robotics classroom. Educational technology also was a priority in construction. All new and renovated classrooms are outfitted with interactive projectors, wall-talkers, and integrated A/V devices.

A second new structure, The Science andMathematicsBuilding, is slated to open at Buckley in fall 2013. It will offer 14,000 square feet for chemistry, biology, physics, and science classrooms and laboratories, as well as several general classrooms.

Founded in 1933, Buckley is known for its 4-Fold Plan of Education, a philosophy combining academics, arts, physical development, and moral education.  Nestled in the hills of Sherman Oaks, The Buckley School has an enrollment of just 790 students, creating a warm, secure, personal learning environment.

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