Twice-Exceptional Education at Bridges Academy


Bridges Academy students exploring the California Science Center.

All students need an education that stimulates and challenges them intellectually and creatively; a 21st century curriculum that builds on their individual experiences, strengths and passions; and a school that allows unique minds to be educated uniquely.

Bridges Academy, in Studio City, is such a school, serving “twice-exceptional” students in grades 5 through 12. Bridges students are gifted, intuitive, outside-the-box thinkers, many of whom have encyclopedic knowledge in their areas of interest. These amazing young people also may have learning differences or disabilities that make learning difficult.

At Bridges, the top priority is to nurture student gifts by providing a stimulating environment that consistently engages eager young minds. The curriculum is strength-based and talent development driven; the faculty is skilled in differentiating instruction and trained to support both exceptional strengths and learning disabilities to meet the intellectual, creative and social/emotional needs of each student

As a college preparatory school, Bridges emphasizes high-level, complex concepts. The program utilizes project-based, hands-on work, and provides numerous enrichment opportunities. Students develop the academic, creative, technological and practical skills needed for life after high school. Social skills are integrated into each classroom and advisory and homework support programs are in place to reinforce learning.

Bridges Academy creates individual learning profiles to guide teachers in designing curriculum and instruction. These profiles reflect ongoing, evolving experiences with each student.

Learn more about the Bridges strength-based model, and the field of twice-exceptional education by visiting

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