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By Tammy Johnston

Dr. Nathan Moon.

Dr. Nathan Moon.

As a new patient of Dr. Moon, I would like to share my experience. Once he heard my detailed medical history, he continued the examination based on Etiology; examining my tongue, eyes, pulse, and abdomen. He made sure I fully understood the diagnosis and available treatment options. After having my first experience with Dr. Moon, I must admit that I feel comfortable and at ease in his office. He prescribed medicinal herbs that were truly effective in treating my cough, sore throat, phlegm, and congestion.

“If you look at disease from a natural perspective, we can diagnose more effectively. Successful treatment of any illness depends on identifying the fundamental factors of disease.”

Dr. Moon points out, “One of the most common causes of disease in America now is dampness. It can be found in skin, muscle, intestine, and tear ducts. Dampness is naturally expelled through the urine, bowel movements, and sweating. If it is not expelled it causes toxins that spread throughout the body creating symptoms that include heaviness, headache, dizziness, edema, phlegm, cough and asthma, migraine, nausea, and urine trouble.”

Specific symptoms are determined by the location of the dampness. Example: If dampness stays in the lungs/airway it will produce phlegm, cough, asthma, etc.

The successful treatment totally depends on identifying the fundamental cause of the disease. Dr. Moon has practiced medicine for 20 years in China, Korea, and California.

AM Acupuncture and Herbs is located at 10745 Riverside Dr. Ste. A in Toluca Lake. The phone number is (818) 980-1105.

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