In 2010 I Resolve to…


Trish Ostroski.

Lose weight. Exercise more. Stop smoking. Find a new job/career. Start a business. Finish a degree. Pursue dreams.
These resolutions and many others are on people’s lists for 2010. According to new polls, 88% of us made New Year’s resolutions this year but more than half will be abandoned the first week of January. Within three months, over 90% of those resolutions will be completely rationalized away.
Instead of turning your resolutions into rationalizations, this year I invite you to add solutions. Here are some tips for making your resolutions count.

  • Expect success
  • Create a plan
  • Set small, realistic goals
  • Tag your goals to a date (something to aim for)
  • Be sure to reward yourself when you meet a goal (a healthy and enjoyable treat)
  • Get some support from others and bring an expert to your team, such as a coach or therapist.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for change. Often, the results are downright amazing. The hypnotic process eliminates negative thoughts from your mind and replaces them with positive reinforcement.
In addition, you will reduce stress and simply R-E-L-A-X. Your life can transcend to new levels as you meet your goals and expect success.
Here is a resolution to keep: jump start your year with a hypnotherapy session. Add a solution now.

Trish Ostroski is a board certified hypnotherapist. Free special report and discounts to those who contact her and reference this article. For more information, E-mail, call (818) 795-8829 or visit New additional Web site in 2010:

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