It’s Time to Make Some Moves


By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

Dr. Steven Shaw.

Aches and pains got you down? Do you have to politely decline when asked to participate in activities because even the thought of moving more than necessary shoots pain up your spine? It’s time to dance again … or for those who don’t dance: run, swim, play, hike, bike, etc. [Insert action here.] It’s time to move again.

For over two years, Dr. Steven Shaw of Element Life Chiropractic has specialized in patient-centered care. “With a holistic, overall approach to a person’s well-being, we take the time to listen to the whole health needs of a person,” Dr. Shaw says. “From there, our science-based nutrition focuses on areas of the body that are deficient through comprehensive blood testing, hair samples, and urine analysis so that we can focus on the underlying cause and its negative effects – real results that are objective, not subjective.

“Then through my own hands I repair individuals’ body ailments,” Dr. Shaw says. Blood testing helps the body heal itself by identifying the proper nutrients necessary. Besides chiropractic work, he offers nutrition and massage therapy.

His chiropractic care includes soft tissue work, light therapy, and rehabilitation for different issues including, but not limited to: sciatica, disc herniations, headaches, basic neck and back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and whiplash. With free consultations, exams, and no obligation spinal EMGs, the only thing standing between you and a pain-free existence is your willingness.

Dr. Steven Shaw grew up in the Valley, Sunland specifically. He graduated from CSUN with a major in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. He furthered his education at Cleveland Chiropractic College in L.A. Besides his schooling, Dr. Shaw is empathetic towards others because he knows that staying active is an important component of a healthy, happy lifestyle. With a wife and two young daughters, and hobbies that include snowboarding, surfing, and a variety of sports, getting sidelined from an injury isn’t really an option, and it’s his belief that it shouldn’t be for you, either.

“I help people feel better; it’s always been a passion of mine. Experienced in knee and back injuries, through chiropractic and physical therapy people are healed so they can get back to the activities they love as soon as possible.

“It’s my goal to see people pick up their kids with ease – to be the weekend warriors they’ve always wanted to be. I want others to have a more joyous, positive outlook on life,” Dr. Shaw says.

Let Dr. Steven Shaw take care of your pain — erase the word “suffering” from your vocabulary. Element Life Chiropractic is located at 3808 Riverside Dr., Ste. 409, in Burbank. For more information, call (818) 556-5433. It’s time to move with ease!

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