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By Karen Alexander

Attention all makeup professionals! Cinema Secrets, the well-known and esteemed family-owned business in Burbank for over 30 years, with top-of-the-line makeup artists and enthusiasts, welcomes some exciting new products!

Currently, most of the professional makeup industry is fully aware of latex-based products, but now there is silicone, which gives a much more human-like skin texture and tone.

Cinema Secrets is the cosmetic special effects leader in the entertainment and medical industry. Their Woochie items, tailor-made, creative prosthetics, have had a profound effect on clinical applications in the medical industry. Cinema Secrets is announcing new products that are on their shelves now: Skin Illustrator palettes, and MELPAX, water based adhesive color.

The Skin Illustrator palettes come in varied color combinations:

  • Grunge for marbling and statue effects.
  • FX for blood or bruises effects.
  • Zombie for the “Walking Dead” look.
  • Dark Flesh Tones used for various cultural skin types.
  • Bloody Five for different blood effects and colors.
  • Tooth Lacquer for different effects on teeth.

There is even a travel palette which contains a sample of all or some of the above. All these are used with a special 99 percent alcohol mixing-medium “activator.”

The MELPAX products are used with an airbrush and come with silicone molds, for special effects such as bullet wounds, scars, blisters, etc.

Some of the products under the MELPAX brand:

  • Mel Gel refines edges, such as blending in a head cap next to real skin.
  • Telesis is a silicone adhesive remover.
  • Green Marble is a concentrate that seals theatrical makeup
  • Hi-Def Matting Spray takes the shine down.

More silicone-based products are in the works, and a big bonus is that all Screen Actors Guild cardholders receive a 15 percent discount!

Cinema Secrets is located at 4400 W Riverside Dr., Suite 110, in Burbank. Call (818) 846-0579 or online at Give them a LIKE at

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