Strength training: Key to health and fitness


By Sheila Melody, InForm Fitness

We all know that exercise is a key element in maintaining health and fitness, especially as we age. Still the question remains, which exercise is the best?

There are so many options to choose from, each taking up valuable time, possibly exposing us to injury and potentially being ineffective.  What if we told you there is a safe, effective and efficient solution that only takes 20 minutes per workout?  InForm Fitness practices a sustainable strength training program, implementing a focused technique on specialized equipment, with one or two 20-minute sessions a week.

InForm Fitness is not an athletic gym, or your typical personal training exercise studio. We are the home of the “Power-of-10,” a slow motion, high-intensity strength training protocol that proves to be an extremely safe, but astonishingly efficient, way to build vital muscle. This is a revolutionary program for people of all ages who want optimal results in minimum time.

In exchange for an intensely challenging 20 minutes of their week, clients avoid spending hours each week in the gym lifting weights and instead enjoy the time to live the lives they want. Science based and evidence backed—it really works!

With enhanced muscle strength, we can all fight the aging process, and protect ourselves from injury, pain, diabetes and osteoporosis. We will live healthier lifestyles, enjoying fat loss, more energy and greater endurance. We can live to the fullest.

Learn more by going to or give us a call at (818) 736-5233 and schedule a free consultation.   

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