The New Zerona Lipo-Laser


The New Zerona Lipo-Laser represents the next generation in non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction therapy with remarkable results. It literally melts fat into liquid which easily exits the fat cell and is excreted by the body naturally — without damaging the cell. Fat cells are the largest and longest living cells in the body, capable of expanding to over 60 times their original size. Inversely, they are also capable of shrinking down to a fraction of their full capacity, which is exactly what this laser accomplishes. Treatment consists of 6-12 sessions over 2-4 weeks, with most individuals reaching their target goals after just 2 weeks. With proper diet and exercise, results are permanent.

The Zerona is FDA approved with no adverse side effects — only benefits from treatment, including fat loss, body detoxification and lowered cholesterol levels — not to mention that you feel good and look great. The treatment serves as an immediate ‘jump start’ in fat reduction that would normally take several months to achieve.

Most individuals motivated by these rapid results are inspired to stay diligent with their diet and exercise programs, leading to continued and more permanent changes in their health and desired physique.

There are no other therapies available that compare to the Zerona for its designed purpose. This advanced therapy is now available in Burbank for an affordable introductory price for those who qualify for treatment. Call our office now for details of how to schedule your complimentary health screening, and to determine if you are a candidate for Zerona Laser therapy.

Dr. Adam Del Torto’s offices are located at 2950 W. Burbank Blvd in Burbank. For more information or to set up and appointment, call (818) 841-4100.

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