TV’s Dr. Oz, a Health and Fitness Rockstar


Dr. Oz.

When Dr. Mehmet Oz comes out on stage to tape his syndicated medical show, he is greeted with cheers and screams from his adoring fans of all ages. It’s as if a rockstar has just stepped into the spotlight. His ultra-popular daily Dr. Oz show has made him a health and fitness superstar, as he dispenses good information on a daily basis, which he hopes will improve lives.

The good doctor was looking very fit when we saw him at a gathering of television critics when his show was introduced two seasons ago. We remembered Dr. Oz from his many seasons as The Oprah Winfrey Show’s go-to health expert. Plus he is the author of six best selling self-help health and beauty books. This man does it all!

Usually dressed in scrubs on his show, Dr. Oz gives common sense advice that could help people look younger, lose weight, reverse heart disease, eat healthy on a budget, and answer the embarrassing questions that everybody has. In fact, that’s the appeal for his loyal fans. No question is too embarrassing for Dr. Oz, and he invites his audience to participate in game show styled segments that make it fun to learn about your health.

He recently did a show that highlighted a trio of things that “Dr. Oz can’t live without.” They are yoga, oatmeal, and compression underwear (he says it helps your muscles if you’re working out). He also strongly endorses a healthy Mediterranean diet, which he says “may hold the key to fighting Alzheimer’s and cancer.”

Of course Dr. Oz practices the healthy lifestyle he preaches, and says he starts out each day with yoga.

“Yoga is the first thing I do every morning, after I brush my teeth,” he said. “It gets my blood flowing and gives me an energy boost. And yoga improves flexibility and strength. Stretching burns calories and protects against injury. I also do 80 pushups to increase upper body strength. If you have time for a more strenuous workout, that’s great.”

On the personal side, Dr. Oz is married with four children. He and Lisa, his wife of 30 years, live in New Jersey, and he commutes to do his shows at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City. He tapes two shows a day to get ahead, so he has time for his regular practice, as a cardiologist. He is a surgeon who says, “I find my Chi [source of energy]in the operation room. It humbles me, it relaxes me, and constantly reminds me of my mission and purpose.”

Dr. Oz says before his appearances on Oprah he spent “most of my life working in academic medicine. He was a full professor at Columbia University before he was 40.

“Then I realized I could do a lot more for my patients if I explained it all on television,” he said. “I began to think about this because most people are really worried about aging. That’s what my show is all about, getting you to live right now. Not because you’re fearful of disease, but because you want to feel better today. I embarked on this on The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

And that lead to his own show. There may be another star blooming in the Oz household. Currently at the NATPE programming convention in Miami, where TV syndicators buy programs, his wife Lisa Oz is offering a one hour show for Sony Pictures Television focusing on relationship issues.

On his show, Dr. Oz embraces traditional and non-tradition medicine. He says he tries to get his message across “by appealing to people’s emotions, telling it to them with straight talk, and making the whole package fun.”

“I just want to make people healthier,” he said. “I’ve seen the good and bad in medicine. I want to help people learn about their bodies and their lives, and how to live a healthier lifestyle.”

That’s just what the doctor ordered.

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