What a Nose Knows—Hygiene for Sinuses


The nose is your body’s filter. It protects your airways from pollution, dust, pollen and other toxic particles in the air we breathe. No one knows this better than Hana Solomon, M.D., an experienced clinician and world renowned expert on keeping your nose clean. Dr. Hana’s years of practice keeping patients healthy have proven that washing your nose daily will:

  • Increase the efficiency of your body’s own defense system,
  • Lessen the chance of getting sick with viral and bacterial infections, and
  • Help protect sinuses, vocal cords, and lungs from damage caused by the impurities in the air we breathe.

Just like washing your car is more effective than simply spraying it with water, washing the nose is more effective than spraying or snorting water into the nose. Flushing your nose with a hypertonic solution actually removes the impurities from the nasal mucosa. And, unlike many medicines that claim to clear your nose, there are no dangerous side effects!
The trick is in the bottle, the solution and the technique. A well-designed bottle, pre-measured packets for mixing the hypertonic solution and a little practice are all you need to get started. It may sound strange but washing your nose (like brushing your teeth) is a refreshing habit that helps you feel good all day long!

Want to know more? Just ask Dr. Hana Solomon, author of “Clearing the Air One Nose at a Time.”
The book, and more information, is available by going to

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