“First Person Cat” by Jacque Heebner—A Murder Mystery Written by a Cat

“First Person Cat,” hard cover ($29.95), ISBN# 978-936-051-48-8.

“First Person Cat,” hard cover ($29.95), ISBN# 978-936-051-48-8.

In her new and long awaited celebrity-endorsed book, First Person Cat, Los Angeles socialite, former Daily News journalist and animal rights activist, Jacque Heebner takes us on a surreal murder mystery in the world of Beverly Hills power, money and celebrity. However, this time the book is written from the point of view of Tiffany, a humanesque diva-feline brought up on caviar, Perrier, mansions and an acute appreciation of diamonds (a girl’s best friend). This regal Tortoise shell Persian cat witnesses the murder of her owner-mother, a Cher-like rock star with two hot daughters living at home in Beverly Hills.
Like the blockbuster novels famous in American literature in the 20th century (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Watership Down, Charlotte’s’ Web and Animal Farm), Heebner’s tome brings back the excitement of breakthrough communications with the animal world. But First Person Cat takes it to a higher level of communication—that with humans.
“If you have ever been afraid a truth couldn’t be told because of the high cost attached to it, did you feel as mute as a cat?” says author Jacque Heebner. “How do you get the words out? Tiffany seems to smell the murderer’s thoughts and hear human words. By what creative methods can she expose the person who murdered her human mother and reveal this to investigators?”

For more information on “First Person Cat,” visit the Web site www.firstpersoncat.com. The author is associated with the charities Cat’s Inc. and the Dream Street Foundation.

“I’m a dog person but I really love this book!”

—Roger Williams

“A cute and very enjoyable and easy read. We love cat Tiffany and her point of view with humans and their flaws.”

—Lou and Carla Ferrigno

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