Actors and Others for Animals To Honor Esteemed Actress Betty White


Harmony and JoAnne Worley.

Hi, my name is Harmony Worley, and I was adopted by my human companion, JoAnne Worley. (Yes, I have been spayed.) She began working with Actors and Others for Animals when it first started. It is a really good organization. They do a lot of good for animals by helping with spaying and neutering, medical bills, food, education, pet therapy, and much more.

They have to raise money for all these services. So, next year they are honoring the wonderful Betty White, with the first annual Betty White Inspirational Award. It is also the 40th Anniversary of Actors and Others for Animals. The date is April 9, 2011, and it will be a luncheon at the Universal Hilton Hotel. I know a lot of Betty’s friends will be there to toast her award.

I have always loved Betty White, who wouldn’t, she is such a loving, giving person. She has always worked to make our lives safe. Thank you, Betty. She knows how important it is to be a responsible companion to a pet, and to be sure that your animal friend is spayed or neutered. As I always say, “A home for every animal and an animal in every home, that would be my idea of heaven on earth.” It takes all of us to make

a difference. Please be sure that we spay and neuter our animal companions. Thank you all for listening. See you on April 9, at the Universal Hilton, with the fabulous Betty White.

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