Celebrate Life with Cal Pet Crematory


By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

The staff of Cal Pet Crematory, serving Southern California for over 50 years.

As you turn the pages of our annual Fall Pet Issue, you’ll see many ways to pamper, train and provide for your pet. Here at The Tolucan Times, we hold our furry friends in high regard: they’re our companions, our children, our lives. So when a four legged family member is suffering and there is no other option, commemorate your loved one’s time filling your days with joy in a peaceful and respectful manner.

Established in 1947 by animal-lovers Lela and Alan Carveth, the inception of Cal Pet Crematory originated in response to the dearth of private pet cremation facilities in Southern California. Sixty-four years later, Cal Pet Crematory is still family-owned and operated by the nephew of Lela and Alan, Mark Stine.

It’s a family business in the purest sense, with the siblings, in-laws and nephews of Mark filling out the staff. And as a testament to the patriarchs’ vision, everyone that works at Cal Pet has a passion for all animals — big and small.

Mark, for example, has three standard poodles — Paris, Dolly and Tess — and believes that what sets Cal Pet Crematory apart from the competition are the principles the business was founded on:

Owner Mark Stine, with his beloved poodles, from l, Tess, Paris and Dolly.

“Private pet cremation means giving your pet the respect it deserves — the same treatment you’d give to a human being. Other pet crematories are oftentimes communal, but ours is strictly individual, which is important for grieving parties to know.”

At Cal Pet, everything is onsite, ensuring that the care your pet receives is tailored to your specific needs. The drivers, too, all have pets of their own; it seems that this is a standard requirement, and the gentle nature they display makes it apparent. The drivers cover all of the L.A. County area, willing to make pickups from the veterinarian’s office or one’s home. The pet’s remains are returned to you in a complimentary urn. Optionally, you may choose to have Cal Pet scatter the remains, or you can pick from their selection of decorative urns and memorial stones.

Because at the end of the day, it’s about peace of mind: knowing that your pet had a fulfilling life and you did everything you could. For those unsure about cremation, Mark says:

“The most important thing for clients to know is that our doors are always open when there is no other choice. Grieving owners can be a part of every step or none of it — your level of involvement is up to you. Pets are a lot of people’s children; no one knows that better than us.”

Cal Pet Crematory is located at 9595 Glenoaks Blvd. in Sun Valley. They can be reached by phone at (818) 983-2313, (323) 875-0633, or (310) 278-0633, by fax at (818) 771-1079, or via their Web site at www.calpet.com. Celebrate your pet’s life!

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